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Welcome to my practice.


What’s more beautiful than a healthy smile? Our team will do everything we can to have your teeth at their healthiest, and help you keep them that way.

My top priority is

to preserve your teeth.

I create prosthetics like bridges, crowns, implants, veneers, onlays, and partial dentures—but only if your natural teeth can’t be preserved.

My time is not more valuable

than yours.


We do everything in our power to make sure you’ll never have to wait when you show up on time for an appointment. I schedule my patients so appointments won’t overlap. That way, you get my undivided attention.

TOP 10 things you can start today to improve your dental health.


1. Buy a “soft” toothbrush.
2. Brush more gently.
3. Brush after every meal. Even snacks.
4. Don’t drink soft drinks if you know you can’t brush afterwards.
5. Floss after every meal.
6. If you can’t floss after every meal (I know it’s hard), at least floss in the evening.
7. Stop smoking. Aside from lung cancer, it can cause periodontitis.
8. Have your teeth cleaned three times a year.
9. Drink lots of water.
10. Make an appointment (310 316 0850)

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